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Honoring the Truth of Marriage

Marriage... quite the roller coaster ride, certainly not for the faint of heart, is it? Some days, some weeks, some moments are wonder-filled... and, some... well... decidedly are NOT. We all have our times when we're supremely frustrated, sad, angry, even completely disconnected with our partners.   My husband and I just went through one of those downward spirals, and are in process of working our way through it. We are far from a "perfect" couple - yet,  really, who is? Who hits that mark ALL OF THE TIME? {Most of the time, even?} It seems we pretty much only hear/see the "good" ...

Bad behavior is like…childbirth?!

I had another post in progress, and then this thought struck me this morning as I was making the bed... it stopped me in my tracks, and it's big, I think. This post came flying out of my keyboard at a hundred miles an hour, and I knew then that I had to share it right away, because it comes from the heart. I hope it resonates with you.  (more…)

Way to be…REAL…Mom!

Being a mom - there's nothing like it. Our kids bring out the very best in us, and the very worst in us...sometimes several times a day! There's a reason they say parenting is the hardest job in the world - it IS! Nothing shines a mirror on our own shortcomings like our children can (and do). (more…)

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