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As moms, we pour our hearts, our minds, our time, our energy… ourselves into our kids. We’re VESTED. They are our biggest responsibility, and a huge part of our legacy is to raise our children well, aka “right.” Talk about pressure! We all have moments (more like glimpses) when we feel we’re on the right track. You know these moments: your child does something that touches your heart, and you’re bursting with pride; you’re love is overflowing; you are OVERJOYED with the person they are coming to be. 

But there are also moments when we aren’t so sure. Our kids (like all kids from time to time) act out, fail to listen, and wear on our patience, as only they can… It escalates, we get super frustrated, and in the heat of the moment, we cross a line, and BAM!, we fail to measure up to our own expectations as mothers. And we’ve all had times when loved ones second-guess our parenting techniques. {Ouch.} In those moments, we feel like we’re not getting it right “enough,” or worse, feel like we made a left when we should have made a right, and aren’t doing right by our children. Those moments… well…they SUCK, and make us feel exceptionally small. We’d rather not talk about them, thankyouverymuch. I mean, are you kidding me? Who wants to even go there?! 

The truth is…it’d make a world of difference if we did.

This is YOUR space, dear hearts, to come together and honor the truth of your individual mom experiences – the highs, the lows; the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly. This is a space for authenticity, a safe haven (as all posts are private, only viewable to our registered members) to shine a light on our doubts, our struggles, our insecurities, the mom-guilt that rears its ugly head, and probably hardest of all, the shame we ALL feel from time to time for losing it with our children. Through this process, collectively, we can see that there are other moms, maaaaaaaany other moms, in fact, facing similar burdens, to the point that it becomes blatantly obvious that the hard parts – you know, the parts we like to brush under the rug and pretend don’t exist – are completely normal. No one has this mom thing down 100% of the time. No one. Not even “Super-Mom” who lives down the street. {You know that mom too, right? We all have her, that mom who, in our eyes, is AH-MAY-ZING, and we wish we could be more like her. But the truth is, she has her moments of doubt, struggle, and shame too.}

Once this little secret’s out, we can let go, and start being more kind, compassionate, and forgiving to the very person we are hardest on…ourselves! What a way to be!

With tremendous respect to parenting advice sites and forums, the emphasis of our mommy forum is not a how-to guide in overcoming a challenge by trying x, y, or z. Instead, this is a space for empathy. To lift each other up. For moms to hear, “I’ve been there too.” Or, “You’re not alone in this.” Or even just, “I hear you.”

The ONLY rule here is the Golden Rule. 

Let’s honor this space as a place we all want to keep on coming back to. Because it feels GOOD in here. Real. Honest. Open. Sincere. Authentic. Brave. Funny. Genuine. Raw. Powerful. Inspired. MomTruth’s amazing community {you!} reminds us we are all human, perfectly imperfect, and tells the story of what motherhood REALLY looks like. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Also…this is a place to share our struggles AND our triumphs. Because being a mom is AWESOME too! So if you are courageous enough to share the things that are really hard to admit, reward yourself by sharing the good stuff too, whether it’s from today, last week, or a year ago. It’s NOT bragging. Share the stuff that makes your heart sing! It will remind you that despite the hard stuff, you really ARE a great mom, because you are! 

If we can all agree to this, we’re golden! Thank you for making this such a lovely space to be. XOXO

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